Bardolino, Zenato, Italy

Bardolino DOC is situated on the South East shores of Lago di Garda (Lake Garda). Garda is Italy’s biggest Lake, located almost at the foot of the Italian Alps, it is surrounded by lots of small towns and villages. Bardolino is a small town with just six thousand population, it is much loved by tourists for it’s scenery, wines and beaches, while it’s ancient part hides lots of cozy gourmet restaurants. Bardolino is made from exactly the same Corvina-Rondinella-Molinara/Sangiovese grape mix as Valpolicella, and offers the same cherry fruit and almondy finish, in a lighter and softer vein due to the slightly cooler climate.
I am constantly searching out lower alcohol wines as I like to be able to drink a decent amount of wine before reaching my limit too early in the night! I enjoy a red wine that offers a little freshness, and good Bardolino has a great refreshing bite.
Bardolino would be a great introduction to red wine for a white wine drinker, light but full of flavour with delicious cherries and red fruits.

Bardolino, Zenato 2009 DOC, Italy, 12%
Normally €10.99 October Special €7.99
Light in alcohol, but deliciously juicy, ripe cherry and red fruits jumping out of the glass. Light, fragrant, racy and dangerously easy to drink.
If you like wines that slip down easily you will love this wine…If you like wines that have silky tannins and are light bodied, you will like this wine…If you like fruity wines with a fresh mouthfeel, you will love this wine…Delicious wine at a delicious price!
Perfect alone or with pasta, charcuterie, white meat or meat salads.
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This Week’s Snippet of Info…
Why are some red wines more tannic than others?
This depends on a few factors..
a)grape variety; eg bardolino has lower tannins than nebbiolo which is the grape used to make Barolo which is a full bodied and intensely powerful wine,
b)skin contact; winemakers can monitor and manage the tannin extraction from the grape skins through the length of their contact with the juice,
c)oak; oak ageing can also impart tannins to the wine,
d)climate; wines from cooler regions have a typically hard tannic taste, whereas those from hot countries have softer riper tannins.

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