Surani Vignapetrosa Unoaked Chardonnay 2008

Surani Vignapetrosa Unoaked Chardonnay
This is a boutique wine at an affordable price. It won a Silver medal at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2010.
Surani is located in Manduria, on a small estate only six kilometres from the Ionic sea, in sunny Apulia. The sandy and clay soil, the intense light and the fresh breeze that gently blows from the adjacent sea, contribute to the distinctive character of this chardonnay with mineral notes and crisp acidity.
The precise taste of Chardonnay is hard to pin down. What is often thought of as the Chardonnay flavour is actually the flavour of mass market New World Chardonnay. It was Australian Chardonnay that first got people hooked; splendidly oaky and laden with tropical-fruit flavours. That is largely the flavour of an oaked wine made in a certain fashion from very ripe fruit, rather than the flavour of the grape itself.
Chardonnay stripped down to the bone is seen in unoaked Chablis and Australian unoaked Chardonnay. Neither have been near oak barrels, or gone through malolactic fermentation (a process which takes place after alcoholic fermentation which converts the harsh malic acid to softer, creamy lactic acid)
Unoaked Chablis is light, crisp and appley with a green tinge leaving your mouth refreshed. Australian unoaked Chardonnay is fuller bodied, with a flavour like pineapple in syrup. Each reflects the climate in which the grapes were grown: coolish for Chablis and hot for Australia. This is more like the chablis taste.
If you’ve ever said “I don’t like Chardonnay” or “anything but Chardonnay” you might think differently after trying this unoaked Chardonnay.

Surani Vignapetrosa Unoaked Chardonnay 2008, Italy, 14%
Normally €13.99 Special €11.99
Rich and textured, pure unoaked Chardonnay with refreshing peach and apricot. Soft and round with a delicious fresh crisp acidity.
If you like wines that have crisp fruits and are medium bodied, you will like this wine…If you like fruity wines with a refreshing mouthfeel, giving out lashings of apricots you will love this wine…Delicious wine at an even more delicious price!
Perfect solo or with pasta; spaghetti alle vongole, broccoli and ricotta , seafood and shellfish dishes.
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This Week’s Snippet of Info…
Serving Order for Wines..
-White before red, although a light bodied red can be enjoyed before a full bodied white.
-Dry before sweet wines, this avoids making the wine taste excessively acidic.
-Light before heavy reds- lighter wines tend to taste thin after a heavier example.

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