Botalcura Syrah Malbec 2007

Botalcura Syrah Malbec 2007, Maule Valley, Chile
Botalcura is a small village in the Maule Valley, set among rolling hills, that the gorgeous climate paint with a broad range of ever changing colours. The Maule Valley is Chile’s largest wine producing valley with 43% of the country’s total plantations. The entire region enjoys a hot, dry summer and a fairly long growing season. The Maule Valley features three distinct climatic areas; maritime climate in the west towards the coastal mountains, mediterranean climate in the inner mountain valley, and the Andean foothills have rocky, well drained soils and a climate that is influenced by the cooling effect of the mountains.
This Syrah(70%) Malbec(30%) showcases the synergy between these two great varieties. The Syrah lends grip and structure, while the Malbec provides colour, aromatic complexity and volumptuous body..The result is a remarkably intense, fruity and voluminous wine. It has been barrel aged to compliment the luscious grape flavours. The Syrah Malbec blend is gorgeous youthful, and will also be rewarding to an ageing of 4-5 years.

Botalcura Syrah Malbec 2007, Maule Valley, Chile, 14%
Normally €12.99 Special €9.99
Deeply complex and alluring, with ripe blackberry, black cherry, violets, black pepper and nutmeg. Juicy and full bodied with ripe brambly fruit flavours and vanilla hints leading to soft tannins and a smooth finish.
If you like wines that have smooth tannins and are full bodied, you will like this wine…If you like brambly fruity wines with a juicy mouthfeel, you will love this wine…Super Value!
Perfect solo or with beef, chilli, duck, ribs, spicy sauces, steak or hard cheese.
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This Week’s Snippet of Info…
What does Complex mean when describing a wine?
A wine with many layers of aroma and flavour – many different fruits, plus other characteristics such as spice and vanilla. Complexity is one of the elements that separates an average wine from a good or great one. The most complex wines have typically gone through a period of ageing, allowing more flavours to develop.

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