Clare Valley Riesling…

Clare Valley Riesling…


Clare Valley Riesling..

Riesling is credited by many to be the world’s best white grape variety including myself. It typically produces a light, fragrant wine with lively acidity, gloriously aromatic flavours, and relatively low alcohol levels. Riesling comes in a range of styles from bone dry and minerally through to lusciously sweet and overly fruity, and it is rarely vinified with oak.

Germany grows more Riesling than any other country and is responsible for many of the most impressive examples.

Clare Valley is many things to many is the source of some of Australia’s finest and zestiest Riesling. This is South Australia’s most northerly vine growing region, some 96 km north of Adelaide, and it is quite hot. Clare Valley has a strong history of making quality Riesling. Clare Valley Riesling is resoundingly mineral with citrus and lime aromas, but stop short of coarseness on account of the crisp, citric acidity.

Wakefield Riesling 2008, Clare Valley, Australia, 12%, €10.99

Restrained floral aromas of orange blossom and rose petal with even stronger aromas of lime zest. Fresh lemon-lime flavoured palate and abundant tropical fruits of pineapple, banana and grapefruit with a crisp acidic backbone and a very pleasing mineral character.

A rich example of Clare Riesling, ripe, slightly exotic fruit bouquet is followed by a fractionally tart fruit finish.

Perfect alone as an aperitif, or with asian dishes, seafood, lime and chilli chicken stirfry, or the most sublime match is with fresh, natural oysters..


This Week’s Snippet of Info…

What is the difference between young and old Riesling?

Young Riesling tastes of lime, apricot and apples. With age, aromas of diesel and spice can develop. Sweet examples display delicious honey and marmalade nuances.

Available from Dicey Reilly’s, Ballyshannon

And good independent Off Licences