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Very few off licences will capture your imagination like Dicey Reilly’s, not only is the range of stock breath-taking but the store is actually on two levels, and ahem, lest we forget, it is the Connacht/Ulster winner of the Diageo National off-licence association awards of 2005.

On January 17th, 2005, Dicey’s took the coveted title where there was tough competition from 25 finalists. The awards initiative is now in it’s ninth year with marks being awarded for overall appearance, customer service, hygiene and product range.

Proprietors, Brendan and Sinead O’Reilly were examined on their knowledge of wines, world beers and spirits, including matching foods to particular beverages. One facet of the test included a blindfold sampling and subsequent identification of wines, tough work eh!!

Dicey Reilly’s state-of-the-art off licence opened in August 2003 and provides a bright, modern, spacious, two-storey environment for purchasing whatever tickles your fancy. Gone are the days of a pokey, dusty off licence with boxes strewn everywhere, at Dicey’s, alcohol retail has a whole new dimension.

With wheelchair access, the first thing to catch your eye in Dicey’s off licence is the fabulous mural painted by local artist, Barry Sweeny which dominates an entire wall and depicts the historic links which Thomas Barton of “Barton and Guestier” fame has to Dicey Reilly’s. His wife, Margaret Delap one lived in the building.

Wine Gallery

More than 800 wines – yes, you read correctly – are stocked in the off licence, the bulk of stock being upstairs in tastefully arranged wooden racks. It really is the holy grail for any wine connoisseur!

There truly is something to suit every palette and pocket in terms of wines at Dicey’s. Bottles are laid out according to country of origin and in the case of French wines, by region. The range and selection of wines is regularly reviewed with management seeking to add to their comprehensive stock of award winning wines.

If wine isn’t your thing, despair not, Dicey’s have a mind-boggling selection of upward on 150 beers from all corners of the globe. From Belgian beer brewed by trapist monks to traditional Indian “Cobra” beer in addition to new “brew” from Poland, the adventurous as well as the conventional customers will be in paradise. A walk-in coldroom ensures all stock is chilled, as one punter recently remarked, “Oktober Fest was never like this.”

Of course, that’s not to forget the large variety of whiskies, liquers, bourbons, spirits and champagnes on offer from our friendly and professional staff who will be only to happy to answer any questions or queries. All the necessary accompaniments be it lemons, cloves, mixers and ice are also stocked in addition to a wide-ranging selection fine cigars and tobacco. Oh go on, be a devil, sweets, crisps and dips are also on sale, grab a pack. Things aren’t done by halves at Diceys (only the whiskey).

Keep an eye-out for promotions and special offers, whatever your party needs, Dicey Reilly’s will satisfy your requirements and if the invitation list is embarrassingly short, we might even rustle up a few guests for your big night…