Primitivo, Puglia, Italy…

Primitivo, Puglia, Italy

Primitivo (Pree-mih-Tee-voe), Italy..

The earliest knowledge of Primitivo is that it originated in Greece. It has been called many things, but is also known as the father of Zinfandel grape which is now so popular in California. It is genetically identical to California’s Zinfandel, although it makes quite different wines. Primitivo is rich and concentrated with zesty cherry and clove fruits, soft on the palate with blackberry and raspberry flavours and a spicy finish. The extreme south eastern provence of Salento is where the finest reds come from; when you taste the best wines from Primitivo you can see something of the spicy berry flavours of Zinfandel shining through.

Primitivo is a deeply coloured wine from the Puglia area in south eastern Italy. Puglia has very flat land in the south of Italy. Grape growing is easy: it is sun-scorched through the long summer months; rain falls obediently during the winter months long after the grapes have been harvested; grapes generally ripen beautifully with little annual variation.

Primitivo Surani 2009, 13.5% alc., Italy, €13.99

This Primitivo oozes deep aromas of berry, ripe cherry and plums. It is soft on the palate with blackberries, raspberries, loganberries, balanced with a wonderful light spiciness and a dry lightly tannic finish.

If you like wines that have soft light tannins and are super fruity and medium to full bodied, you will love this wine… and can be enjoyed solo or with lamb, pork, beef, ribs, roasted red meats, game, spicy cheeses or pizza..

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