Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch


Buffalo Trace has been distilling bourbon at the same location along the Kentucky River since 1775, but it wasn’t until 1870 that Colonel EH Taylor took charge and put his name on the bottle. It was also one of the few distilleries given license to keep distilling through Prohibition in the US to produce medicinal spirit, so it’s place in the history of US whiskey making is well and truly forged. It’s owned by Sazerac today, the drinks conglomerate run by Billionaire William Golding and his family.

The Small Batch is the flagship bottle in the EH Taylor line-up, which includes 12 core releases including Barrel Proof, Straight Rye, Four Grain and 18 Year Marriage. Small Batch is a non-age-statement release, bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV) and captures the brand’s signature flavours of caramel, sweetness and spice that underpin the entire range. With layers of vanilla and cocoa and a distinctly oaky undercurrent, this is a superb bourbon choice.

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