Dingle Single Malt Cask Strength Batch.4

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Dingle Single Malt Cask Strength Batch.4 whiskey reflects the original flavour of the Single Malt whiskey matured in a marriage of Bourbon, Sherry and Port casks. The significance in 500 bottles is a nod to and reflects the Dingle Distillery Founding Fathers all across the world. It is at this strength where the flavour profile shows the true extent of this whiskey.


This is their third cask strength single malt release, and is a marriage of single malt whiskey matured in two cask types, ex-bourbon and ex-port. Bottled at cask strength of 59%Vol. Only 500 bottles released in 2018, has to be one of the rarest Irish Whiskies on the market at the minute!

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