Jameson Distillers safe


Individual expressions of the Whiskey Makers Series showcase the craft of the Head Distiller, Head Cooper and Head Blender who have chosen a style that compliments their craft., , From Head Distiller, Brian Nation, comes The Distiller’s Safe. A blend of single pot still, grain and small batch grain distillates aged in only ex Bourbon Barrels in order to keep the cask influence constant so that the complexity, of the taste profile is solely down to the characteristics of the distillates used. The single pot still distillates deliver a creamy mouth feel with rich spiciness. The Small batch grain is responsible for the tropical fruit notes of apricot and melon. All of this is perfectly balanced with light floral notes coming through from the grain distillate. The “Whiskey Makers Series” is now discounted and can be hard to come by! 700ml bottle, Alc%: 43%.


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