Kilbeggan 8 year Old Single Grain


The Greenore is a grain whiskey, made from 100% corn and distilled in a column still, bottled at 40% abv. In the glass, the whiskey as a bright, canary yellow coloring.

This single grain has a crisp scent, akin to sitting in a moist, green meadow on an early spring day. It’s honey and cereal sweet, but also spicy in the oak vein, and in a way that is both light and sharp.

The flavor follows in that light, honey and cereal vein, keeping that cold, sharp, oak spicy note as well. By the end, that spicy note turns peppery. The finish is a light one, but gains in warmth as it goes on.

Beam Suntory, owners now of both the Cooley and Kilbeggan distilleries, intended to consolidate some of the old Cooley brands under the better known Kilbeggan banner. Greenore, one of the earliest entrants in the reinvented single grain category, was one of these, and now it has happened, called Kilbeggan 8 Year Old Single Grain, as the whiskey is distilled in Cooley Distillery but matured in the old Kilbeggan Distillery

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