Killowen Tequila/Mexico


“From the outset, the challenge was to push the boundaries of cask finishing as far as possible before the whiskey is overdone. All too often are Irish whiskeys following the same hymn sheet of rich fruity aromas, which we wanted to acknowledge in a different way. Killowen have pushed the relationship of wood and spirit to create a more balanced flavor profile where ripe fruits meet nuts, herbs and earthiness with a tiny kiss of smoke.” The latest release from the Killowen, and continuing with the discipline of the cask series, all bottles are at cask strength, there has been no chilled filtration or added colouring. The spirit has come straight from cask to bottle, is full of flavour and high in alcohol content. The Tequila Cask is chosen from a most reputable tequila company, the cask has been heavily charred in a previous life, due to Killowen’s non-filter policy you may be lucky enough to have char in your bottle. Finishing only 388 no. 50cl bottles at cask strength 55.4%, The Mexican Tequila Cask was specifically chosen for its old wood and potency, creating a unique small-batch spirit with a full-bodied experience as follows:

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