Matusalem Solera 7 Year Old Rum 70cl


A premium rum and exceptional smoothness, developed according to the solera aging process with a careful blend of fine rums.Matusalem Rum is produced and bottled at San Diego, in the Dominican Republic, led by Dr. Claudio Álvarez Salazar, the great grandson of the founder. In 2001 Salazar re-focused brand to produce only Premium rum in an effort to return to the roots of the company and in 2002, the brand was relaunched and a trio of new products were introduced in the market for rum: Ron Matusalem Solera Gran Reserva 15, Matusalem Clasico and Platinum. It’s a Intense and aromatic rum, on the nose has a background of integrated wood and clean. Memories of bergamot, fresh fruit and vanilla. Soft fleshy and warm, with a nice, creamy mouthfeel, with a touch of caramelized bananas and vanilla, without sharp edges manifests. 700ml/40%alc

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