Midleton Very Rare 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition


The 40th Anniversary edition brings together three ultra rare casks, individually filled by each of the revered Midleton Master Distillers, Barry Crockett, Brian Nation and Kevin O’Gorman. Kevin O’Gorman gave the whiskey its defining touch by finishing the blend in a ruby port cask for nine months, resulting in an exceptionally rare nose, taste and finish. Alc. 53.1%, 700ml.


Opens with a rich and delightful burst of berry fruits as notes of blackcurrant, raspberry, and plum come to the fore. A delicate perfume, with aromatic spices and an earthy woodland character, is complemented by orchard fruits and citrus peel, while the seasoned oak imparts sweet vanilla, cinnamon, and fragrant honeycomb. The elegance of the grain whiskey quietly emerges to reveal soft and nuanced floral undertones.


At first succulent fruits are met with pot still spices, imparting notes of freshly grated ginger and clove oil. The oak’s soft tannins combine with a nutty character. Notes of flaked almonds and nutmeg are wonderfully balanced by the seasoned port cask’s contribution of ripe berry fruits, cassis, and dark chocolate.


Luxuriously long and satisfying. The seasoned oak. fruits and spice continue to linger, eventually yielding only to time.

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