Redbreast PX Edition


Redbreast Pedro Ximenéz Edition Irish Whiskey, or Redbreast PX, is the first Limited Edition release from the Iberian Series. Unique among the family, Redbreast Pedro Ximénez edition is a Single Pot Still Whiskey, triple distilled, initially matured in Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry casks before being re-caskedin delectable Pedro Ximénez Hogsheads from the southern tip of Spain, for a sun-kissed, sweet finish.

Redbreasts Limited Edition release from the Redbreast Iberian Series.

The Redbreast Iberian Series celebrates their unique association with the Iberian peninsula. The Iberian Series adds a new and exciting chapter to the Redbreast Family story with whiskeys finished in casks sourced from the sun-drenched bodegas of Spain and Portugal, suffused with the natural warmth and sweetness of the Iberian peninsula. Redbreast Lustau is firmly the anchor of the series and will be joined by Limited Releases from time to time. Each expression in this Limited Edition series will be a new chapter in exploring the casks, flavours and aromas from this region. We will be getting an allocation of the releases. 700cl bottle, 46% Alc.


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